5S | LEAN | TPM |Energy Conservation | SIX SIGMA


About Chairman & Mentor

Presently working as a mentor for 5S, TPM, lean Energy Conservation and six sigma training. Implementation and projects for mfg and service industry.

He teaches change Business Management through 5S, LEAN, TPM,Energy Conservation and Six Sigma. He works extensively with several clients. Some of them are Premier Explosives Ltd- Hyderabad, RAK Ceramics Ltd- Samalkot, JNTU- Hyderabad, Rani pettai Engg Collg- Vellore (TamilNadu), BHEL- Hyderabad, Aurobindo Pharma Hyd Ltd, Dr.Reddy Laboratory Ltd – Hyd ,Sonali Castings (P) Ltd –Hyd, Fine Alloy Castings Ltd, Kamal Foot wear – Vijayawada, CII – Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Vizag & Kakinada, Hi-Tech institute of Pharma sciences – Hyd, GMR Airport – Shamshabad, APITCO – Hyd, Roots Industries India Ltd – TamilNadu, Sweet Magic – Vijayawada, Garapati/ Ramcor – Vijayawada, Vilan Garments (P) Ltd – Vijayawada, Ramcor Marketing (P) Ltd. etc.

Mr. T.M.Venkatesan enjoys balancing out a very busy professional life with strong community links through involvement in not-for-profit organizations that can use his skills and enthusiasm. His interests include literature, movies, music, theatre, intricacies of business/financial world.

  • Certified Energy Auditor- Bureau of Energy Efficiency, under Ministry of Power, Govt.of India.
  • Chartered Engineer in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Total Manufacturing Industry experience in Auto Parts 48yrs. From TVS for 12years (A Deming Award Company )and Own Industry for 22yrs.(auto parts to multinationals)
  • Trained in TOC by Dr Goldratt the author of the book The Goal
  • Best Entrepreneur Award from HMA.(Hyderabad Management Association)
  • Best Entrepreneur Award from Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Exporter from 1991 to Singapore, Indonesia and Srilanka.
  • Visited U.S., Germany, Italy, France, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Srilanka (9 countries).
  • Represented Govt. of Andhra Pradesh in LASVEGAS (U.S) and Govt. of India in Jakarta (Indonesia).
  • Past President of Rotary club Hyderabad - Mega City.
  • BLACK BELT IN SIX SIGMA and Practicing MASTER BLACK BELT and Trained in Lean Sigma by BMG(Longmont. Co., USA)..Trained more than 3000 participants in Manufacturing &Service Industries.


• Focus on customers
• Improved customer loyalty
• Reduced cycle time
• Less waste
• Data based decisions
• Time management
• Employee motivation
• Team building
• Improved customer relations
• Assure strategic planning
• Reductions of incidents
• Better safety performance
• Understanding of processes
• Design and redesign products
• Knowledge of competition
• Competitors
• Develop leadership skills
• Management training
• Improve presentation skills
• Integration of products
• Services and distribution
• Better decision making
• Sustained improvements
• Increased margins
• Greater market share
• Supervisor training
• Lower costs to provide goods
• Fewer customer complaints