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In tough times, FOCUS-5 is committed to delivering challenges in cost reductions while sustaining competitiveness.

Organizations are facing enormous pressure to slash costs but at the same time to sustain their competitiveness and long term viability. Applying the concepts and methodologies to business Process Improvement and other cost-reduction programs, FOCUS-5 has helped organizations balance the need to rapidly reduce costs while maintaining long term competitiveness.

FOCUS-5's core philosophy is based on speed, maximum impact and long term sustainability. Since 8 years, FOCUS-5 has helped various organizations with committed team every where to improve their business performance using a practical approach that focuses on customer, process, leadership, and culture and how they relate to one another. Read more...

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Cost Reduction & Sustainable Competitive Advantage

FOCUS-5 has been helping organizations achieve improved business results and lasting change. Always an innovator, today FOCUS-5 serves different clients with an integrated portfolio of services in 5S, Lean, TPM,Energy Conservation , TQM, TOC & Six Sigma, Leadership & Team Building Development, Change Management and Cost Reduction programs.

FOCUS-5's full solutions approach – offering consulting, coaching, and training –creates hinge that sticks, and achieves high impact results and sustainable competitive advantage.



• Focus on customers
• Improved customer loyalty
• Reduced cycle time
• Less waste
• Data based decisions
• Time management
• Employee motivation
• Team building
• Improved customer relations
• Assure strategic planning
• Reductions of incidents
• Better safety performance
• Understanding of processes
• Design and redesign products
• Knowledge of competition
• Competitors
• Develop leadership skills
• Management training
• Improve presentation skills
• Integration of products
• Services and distribution
• Better decision making
• Sustained improvements
• Increased margins
• Greater market share
• Supervisor training
• Lower costs to provide goods
• Fewer customer complaints