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Cost Reduction through waste eliminations Sustainable Competitive Advantage through improvement in capacity to on time delivery.

FOCUS-5 has been helping organizations achieve improved business results and lasting change. Always an innovator, today FOCUS-5 serves different clients with an integrated portfolio of services in 5S, Lean, TPM,Energy Conservation & Six Sigma, Leadership Development, Change Management and Cost Reduction programs.

FOCUS-5's full solutions approach – offering consulting, coaching, and training –creates hinge that sticks, and achieves high impact results and sustainable competitive advantage.

GLOBAL CAPABILITY Our global capabilities span lean, lean six sigma, business process improvement, change management, leadership consulting, cost reduction programs, organizational effectiveness, and training and development assistance. With offices around the world, materials in local languages, we have broad experience in supporting global rollouts of these initiatives.

SKILLS TRANSFER FOCUS-5 offers a full suite of training, coaching, and consulting in 5s,Lean,Energy Conservation & Six Sigma, as well as other customized programs to achieve business excellence. We can help your organization get started, help you go enterprise-wide, re-energize an existing program, or help get a stalled effort restarted. We exclusively work with clients on a skills transfer basis; our client's success is our success.

INTEGRATION OF TECHNICAL & BEHAVIORAL ASPECTS OF CHANGE Our approach is distinctive. We focus on leadership, change management, people and influence skills — the skills needed to make any business process improvement, be it Lean ,Lean Six Sigma, Six Sigma, or ongoing improvement, really work and truly last. In all aspects of our work we adopt a transparent, highly collaborative style aimed at sharing knowledge and techniques.

CUSTOMER, PROCESS, LEADERSHIP & CULTURE We’ve learned that focusing on four key leverage points – customer, process, leadership, and change culture and how they relate to one another – is key to any successful business process improvement initiative.

Focus-5 Training

Training on knowledge, application of 5S, Lean, TPM, Energy Conservation & Six Sigma as per need of company

5S -

  • What is 5S: keep only what you need.
  • Why 5S:- it is more than a housekeeping and achieving a place for everything and everything in its place.
  • How it Helps: - it helps to eliminate wastages & improves productivity, reduces rework in process & rejections in products.

Lean –

  • What is Lean: - Do more with less.
    Why Lean: - to get enhanced output brings down delays and achieves due date performance (DDP).
  • How it helps: - it enhances the output to reduce the lean time & eliminating 8 wastages.


  • What is TPM-Total Productive Maintenance.
  • Why TPM- through preventive maintenance & autonomous maintenance reduces wastage, downtime & Productivity.
  • How it helps: - helps to increase the capacity & achieves Zero Accidents, Zero Breakdown and Reduction in Cost & Zero Defect.

Energy conservation on -

  • Electrical Utilities & Equipment .
  • Thermal Utilities & Equipment.
  • Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation.


  • What is Six Sigma:- To achieve 3.4 defects per Million.
  • Why:- To benchmark the product & the process.
  • How it helps:- Increase the profits & to improve the market share.


• Focus on customers
• Improved customer loyalty
• Reduced cycle time
• Less waste
• Data based decisions
• Time management
• Employee motivation
• Team building
• Improved customer relations
• Assure strategic planning
• Reductions of incidents
• Better safety performance
• Understanding of processes
• Design and redesign products
• Knowledge of competition
• Competitors
• Develop leadership skills
• Management training
• Improve presentation skills
• Integration of products
• Services and distribution
• Better decision making
• Sustained improvements
• Increased margins
• Greater market share
• Supervisor training
• Lower costs to provide goods
• Fewer customer complaints